Sardar Balbir Singh Doshanjh

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Sardar Balbir Singh Doshanjh

Born: 10 October 1924,, Haripur,Punjab

Residence: Canada


  • Balbir Singh Dosanjh (born 10 October 1924) is a former hockey player from India.
  • He is a three-time Olympic gold champion having played a key role in India’s wins in London (1948), Helsinki (1952) (as Vice Captain), and Melbourne (1956) (as Captain) Olympics.
  • He has been called the greatest hockey player ever, a modern-day Dhyan Chand, a legend of the sport and is widely regarded as the sport’s greatest ever centre-forward
  • His Olympic record for most goals scored by an individual in an Olympic men’s hockey final remains unbeaten.
  • Singh set this record when he scored five goals in India’s 6–1 victory over the Netherlands in the gold medal game of the 1952 Olympic Games.
  • Singh was the Manager and Chief Coach of the Indian team for the 1975 Men’s Hockey World Cup, which India won, and the 1971 Men’s Hockey World Cup, where India earned a bronze medal. During the London Olympics in 2012, Singh was honoured in the Olympic Museum exhibition, “The Olympic Journey:
  • The Story of the Games” held at the Royal Opera House.[15] The exhibition told the story of the Olympic Games from its creation in 776BC through to the London 2012 Olympic Games.
  • He was one of the 16 iconic Olympians chosen[16] whose example “tells of human strength and endeavour, of passion, determination, hard work and achievement and demonstrates the values of the Olympic Movement”.

From 1948 to 1956, Singh scored 22 Olympic goals in his eight Olympic matches.

London Olympics (1948)

Singh’s first appearance at the 1948 Summer Olympics was in the second match, against Argentina. In this match he scored six goals, including a hat trick. India won 9–1. He also played in the final match against Britain, which was the first encounter between India and Britain at the Olympics. Singh scored the first two goals and India won by 4–0.

Helsinki Olympics (1952)

Singh was vice-captain of 1952 Olympic team, with K. D. Singh as the Captain. Balbir was India’s flag bearer in the opening ceremony. He scored a hat trick against Britain in the semi-final, which India won 3–1. He scored five goals in India’s 6–1 win against the Netherlands setting a new Olympic record for most goals scored by an individual in an Olympic final in men’s field hockey. The previous holder of this record was England’s Reggie Pridmore with his four goals in England’s 8–1 victory over Ireland in the 1908 Olympic final. Singh scored nine of India’s 13 goals at the Helsinki Olympics, 69.23% of the team’s goals.

Melbourne Olympics (1956)

Singh, captain of the 1956 Olympic team, scored five goals in the opening match against Afghanistan, but was then injured. Randhir Singh Gentle captained the rest of the group matches. Singh had to skip the group matches, but played in the semi-final and the final. India won the final match against Pakistan with a result of 1–0.


Profession/Designation Hockey Player
Location Canada