Sant Baba Isher Singhji

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Sant Baba Isher Singhji Rara Sahib Punjab

Some Lesser Known Facts About Baba Isher Singhji:-

  • Sant Baba Isher Singhji was born on the 26 March 1913 (13th Chet) at the Village of Jhoraran, District Ludhiana (Punjab, India)
  • Even as a child he was very soft spoken, of a kind temperament and had a very helpful attitude to others.
  • He was very fond of listening to the historical accounts of the lives of the Sikh Gurus and the stories of the lives of saintly and divine people.
  • He was only ten or eleven years old when the good deeds of a past life, bore fruit when Baba Nand Singh ji Kaleranwale, a complete celestial master visited his village.
  • He partook of Khande di Pahul from Baba ji and started earnestly to achieve the higher state of knowledge for which he had longed his whole life through worship, penance, meditation, discipline and austerity.

Profession/Designation Sant