Randheer Singh Heer

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Founder Midland Langar Seva Society – UK

Birmingham Award Winner

  • Randhir was born in Walsall, part of a big family, ‘The Heer Family’.
  • His lifestyle was far different, a former doorman who worked at some of the roughest clubs throughout UK.
  • In October 2010, he decided to change his lifestyle for the better as he stopped drinking, eating meat and decided to keep his kesh, joining the Sikhi path and being the first child in the family joining the path in four generations.
  • By 2011, some members of his family, mainly his brothers started to follow his ways as being the eldest out the boys he was always seen as a role model.
  • Today there are at least 20 members of his family who have all been blessed with Amrit.
  • In October 2013, Randhir decided to set up Midland Langar Seva Society; a non monetary/only food donation charity to provide Langar to the homeless/less fortunate.
  • He began this journey along with his friend Parmjit, who at the time needed guidance as he suffered from alcohol/drug issues.
  • Randhir also wanted to give the opportunity to his old sangat and friends to do some Seva, and help them change their ways.
  • Starting off from Walsall, today MLSS is serving in 17 towns and cities across the UK, also having teams in India and still expanding with approximately 200+ volunteers from all backgrounds.
  • From serving 15 meals per week to 11,000 meals per week, MLSS has inspired at least 13 of its members to join the Sikhi path, most being blessed with Amrit.
  • Additionally, MLSS has helped to save lives of many of its service users suffering from severe mental health illnesses, who have attempted committing suicide, by providing the right support and inspired many organisations/individuals worldwide to serve the homeless/needy.
  • The award-winning charity have also recently put British Sikhs on the map by winning a ‘Pride Of Birmingham’ award, resulting in them being put forward to the ‘Pride Of Britain’ awards which will be held in October 2017, and broadcasted nationwide on ITV.
  • Midland Langar Seva Society has helped change many lives for the better, from Randhir and Parmjit, spreading to the volunteers, and of course the homeless/needy.

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Profession/Designation Founder Midland Langar Seva Society – UK