Mata Sundriji

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Mata Sunder Kaur (Mata Sundri) was the wife of Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708).

  • Mata Sundriji was the daughter of Bhai Ram Saran, a Kumarav Khatri of Bajwara, in present-day Hoshiarpur district of the Punjab.
  • She was married to the tenth Sikh Guru at Anandpur on 4 April 1684.
  • The father-in-law had desired that the bridegroom should come at the head of a marriage party to Lahore where the ceremony should be performed with due dignity.
  • Mata ji received Amrit at the 1699 Vaisakhi  Amrit Sanchaar ceremony and adopted the name ‘Sunder Kaur’.