Dalbir Singh Deol

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Sardar Dalbir Singh

Aged 91

Won Gold Medal

Athlete to Represent UK in World Athletics


This is amazing. Dalbir Singh Deol, aged 91, is officially the oldest athlete to represent UK in world athletics.

Recently he won a 100m gold in Denmark Sikh

He has now added to his world titles – European mens 90-94 category 100m gold in Denmark.

Dalbir SIngh Deol, born July 1926, was the oldest competitor at the British Masters Athletics Championships this weekend.

Here he shows the joy as he crosses the finishing line in the men’s 100m event, 90-94 year old age group.

He and Dr Charles Eugster used to race together and they both shared a mischievous and delightful sense of humour as well as a passion for travelling the world to compete in the sport they love. And like all athletes, they both engaged in setting themselves new goals.


Profession/Designation Athlete
Location UK