Amarpreet Singh

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Amarpreet Singh

Managing Director at Khalsa Aid Asia Pacific

Chandigarh, india.


  • Mr.Amarpreet singh who joined Khalsa Aid International in 2012.
  • He done his Pilot training from Patiala Aviation Club, Patiala.
  • He done Graduation in Psychology from Panjabi University.
  • He chose to be a Humanitarian Aid Worker and started working for khalsa Aid
  • With 120-130 hours of flying and almost 20-30 lakh rupees already spent on his training, Amarpreet had no idea that the flight of his life would be taking an altogether different course. “He was in touch with Ravinder Singh, founder of Khalsa Aid, through social media at a time when no one knew much about the organisation. Once, Ravi Singh requested him to help fund a kid’s operation, which he did immediately and saved the kid’s life.”
  • This incident established Amarpreet’s faith in good people and good deeds. In fact, he had found his heart’s calling. “Khalsa Aid, here was an organisation that was helping people irrespective of caste, culture, religion and faith, and certainly wanted to be a part of it completely,” shares Amarpreet who had to convince his parents that seva for humanity was what he intended to do instead flying high in the sky.
  • He started Khalsa Aid India Chapter and projects for Khalsa Aid in India.
  • He has worked in around 5 adjoining countries and 12 states in India and did 25 Relief Missions during disasters and in war conflict areas like Nepal, Bangladesh, J&K, Vishakhapatnam, Assam, Manipur, Sri Lanka, Bihar,Gujarat & many more …
  • Now he’s managing all the team & Projects in Asia-Pacific.
  • He is currently leading the Rohingya Refugees Relief project in Bangladesh where the team have set-up an extraordinary langar service, feeding 20-25,000 refugees.
  • He’s the Director of KHALSA AID ASIA – PACIFIC.
  • His Father -Sardar Darshan Singh and Mother – Sardarni Manjeet Kaur are Gurusikh Sevadar Sikh

Khalsa Aid’s Founder and CEO said: “Amarpreet has shown exceptional leadership qualities in developing Khalsa Aid in India. He has played a key role in building a network of volunteers across India. I am confident he will do the same in Asia Pacific. I wish him every success.”

This is Amarpreet Singh, Khalsa Aid Director (India). Amarpreet Singh coordina…


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Posted by JagBani on Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Profession/Designation Social Service
Location Chandigarh
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