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About Sikh Role Model:

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa,Waheguru Jee kee Fateh

Sikh Role Model is a conglomerate of Sikh icons all over the world who have outshined the world with their excellent achievements in various fields.

It is a platorm to bring together the prominent and influential Sikh personalities who are by the grace of Akal Purakh doing tremendously well in their lives.

This portal will act as an Inspiration and guideline for the upcoming Sikh Generations who may need Mentors and Teachers to setup their own footprints in this competitive world


Today Sikhs are located in every corner of this world at prominent positions.Though we are the fifth religion in the world, we still need to be recognized.So this is the time to standup together and carry our legacy forward proudly and courageously

“Lets Unite, Work and Grow together”

Guru Fateh!

Advisory Board

Harjinder Singh Kukreja

Ludhiana based famous Restaurateur and Social Activists, on list of Richtopia’s Philantropists and Entrepreneur

  • Location: Ludhiana

    Harjeet Singh

    B.E (Mech), MBA, PHD pursuing, Industrialist, philanthropist, Divisional Railway (DRUCC) board member, Lions Club Editor

        Jatinder Palaha

        Digital strategist, Best Selling Author, Personality Development Ninja

            Sukhi Wahiwala

            Award Winning Established NED, Board Chairman & Business Strategist, Pro.Keynote Speaker & Private MENTOR & Investor

                Sunny Wadhwa

                B.E (Mech), M.E (Tool Design), Founder & CEO – vdesigntooling.com, fundotoys.com, sikhrolemodel.com, Crazy about Sikhi Innovations


                  Sikh Role Model Ambassador

                    Mr. Kanwaljeet Singh Bakshi

                    Sikh Role Model Ambassador for New Zealand and Australia region